Student House


It’s is a residential building with modern design located in the center of Lublin at Unicka 3 street. It is a perfect place for those who want to develop both intellectually and socially. A friendly atmosphere helps in the integration between students and ensures mutual respect for the freedoms and duties of all residents. The administrative staff team will be happy to help any student who needs advice in administrative, social or cultural matters.


The location of the student house makes it a fantastic base for exploring Lublin. You are a few-minute walk away from the campus to the Old Town, the Lublin Castle as well as shopping malls, restaurants, clubs, bars and banks. The building is located in an area perfectly connected with all parts of Lublin. It is located near the bus station and there is an MPK stop and a Lublin city bike station just by the building.

WSEI House:

300 inhabitants

218 rooms

94 flats

6 apartments

Student House have 94 flats with 218 fully equipped and furnished rooms, which can host up to round 300 students/people. The flats for rent includes one, two, three or four rooms in, placed upon six floors in four staircases in the modern building. we offer single, double and triple rooms. Each flat have its own kitchen or kitchen unit, one or two bathrooms and toilets, common hallway and 1 up to 4 rooms. At our renters disposal we prepared wi-fi at standard speed of round 3 mb, with possibility to increase it if required.

The property is monitored by a dozen cameras and digitally recorded, outside the building as well inside on the staircases and elevators. We offer management in daytime to all our residents and after hours work of management in the building will be security staff.

The building is supervised, monitored and secured round the clock. In the building, a smart key system is used – one key opens either cage door, the door to the apartment, and the door to the room. In order to prevent access of unauthorized people into the building, we have combined monitoring, surveillance and intercom into a coherent system of security. The building is monitored with usage of several cameras with digital recording. Our guests will surely feel safe and comfortable. The property has its own underground parking for guest with cars or bikes. In the down storey we placed the laundry room equipped with professional washing machines and dryers. On the ground floor we offer a common area that can be used for coffee break room, reading room or a place to study. We hope that the excellent location right next to bus stops and close distance to Medical University will make this offer the best choice for students for years.




Standard contract offer for students of WSEI University 

Price per month (PLN) gross per person




Single room studio


A place in a two-bedroom studio


Single room


Place in a double room


Place in a triple room


1800 PLN


950 PLN


950 PLN


700 PLN


600 PLN


per consumption


per consumption


per consumption


per consumption


per consumption


3600 PLN


1900 PLN


1900 PLN


1400 PLN


1200 PLN

In the case of renting an apartment consisting only of two independent single rooms, kitchen and bathroom, the surcharge on the standard rent is 200 PLN / month, the deposit is the equivalent of two times the rent.

One tenant may not occupy more than two places in an apartment.

The reservation fee is PLN 500. At the time of signing the rental agreement, the above amount is credited to the deposit. In case of cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable.

Detailed informations by phone :  +48 508 245 780 or e-mail: