Erasmus +

ERASMUS+ is a program for universities, students and employees. The aim is to support international cooperation in higher education, to allow students to travel abroad for part of their studies and practice, to promote the mobility of university staff, and to give universities the opportunity to participate in projects with their foreign partners.

In the frame of Erasmus+  WSEI  implements:
1. Studies – a semester or a year at a university in another country for full-time and part-time students at WSEI
2. Traineeships and internships – WSEI students can travel to all European countries for a period of 2 to 12 months for apprenticeship and increase their chances of finding employment both at home and abroad

Benefits of going to study abroad:
• Learning in a foreign language student environment
• Getting to know another country, another culture
• Ability to establish contacts, gain new friends
• Improving your foreign language skills

Basic principles of the Erasmus + program:
• Eligibility for the Erasmus+ scholarship is available to students of all degree programs leading to gaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree, officially registered at the institution eligible for the program.
• The student has 12 months of mobility within one study cycle to use. This mobility relates to study trips and internships
in the frame of the Erasmus+ program
• Studying at a partner university is an integral part of a student’s study program
• WSEI as a home institution recognizes the duration of studies at a partner university as equivalent to the period of study at WSEI.
• Departure may take place at the earliest in the second year of studies
• The student cannot go abroad for the last semester of first and second degree studies

WSEI as hosting institution Erasmus+ program:

Within the framework of ERASMUS+ WSEI invites students and staff for study and training visits. More on the application procedures

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